Where you will study: Sarzana

Sarzana is a perfect location to enjoy an Italian language homestay. Set on the border between Liguria and Tuscany, Sarzana is only a stone’s throw from: the Gulf of Poets, Cinque Terre National Park and the magic, ancient Lunigiana region. Pisa, Florence, Genoa and Parma can be reached by train within a short time. To have an Italian language Homestay in Sarzana means to experience the authentic Italian life in a small medieval town set along the ancient via Francigena. Let us chat, study and shop among its fortresses, churches, historical buildings, traditional shops and charming little places.

Where you will stay

My home is 2 km from the centre of Sarzana. I live in a cozy attic with an amazing big terrace, overlooking the hills, where you can relax, have a sunbath or enjoy a glass of wine. In my flat there is also a big living room with a fireplace and….two cats: Briciola and Mucca. The city center is within a walking distance.

Surroundings and travel opportunities

GULF OF POETS: The Gulf of Poets, is a charming, beautiful bay, going from Lerici to Portovenere, that fascinated artists throughout centuries.
Let us learn Italian while admiring the same landscape which inspired Shelley and Byron. Or whilst discovering the colorful village of Portovenere with its picturesque promenade, imposing castle and cosy cafes along the sea.

CINQUE TERRE: Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia Vernazza and Monterosso are the five delightful villages of the Cinque Terre.
Let us discover this timeless UNESCO World Heritage site in wintertime, when the crowds of tourists have disappeared, when we will be able to appreciate the village’s tranquil, tangled streets and admire one of the most dramatic coastal landscapes.
We will study Italian language and culture tasting the unique Cinque Terre wine, hiking along the sinuous cliff path connecting Vernazza to Corniglia, having a coffee on a Monterosso cafe terrace or tasting focaccia in Manarola.

LUNIGIANA: If you are fascinated by mystery and ancient historic sites, this charming area, set on the Apennines between Tuscany and Liguria, will not disappoint you. We will plan our own itinerary in order to discover the dozens of hidden castles, isolated towers and fortresses that appear unannounced, nestled in the hills. You can also study Italian language and history visiting the Pontremoli Statue Stele Museum, where you can see enigmatic, human-shaped monoliths left here by the Apuani in 4000 B.C.

About me … Sira Gheller

I am a long experienced Italian teacher as a foreign language, specialized in Italian classes for adults.
I love my job, and I take pleasure in sharing my passion for Italian language and culture.
Like a tailor I take care of everything, from global vision to little details; the result is a high focused Italian course for adults based on my student’s specific needs.
Last but not least, I also appreciate the cultural exchange of a homestay language experience.

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