I’ve just spent a fantastic week with Sira in which I learnt far more Italian than I did in several weeks at a “normal” school.

Right from the start, Sira put me at complete ease and welcomed me into her lovely apartment.
The week had a lot packed into it but there was also plenty of time to rest and relax.  The great thing about the lessons was that they were tailored to me and what I was wanting to achieve.
During the week I had the pleasure of meeting a few of her friends who were very accommodating with my Italian, we walked bits of the Via Francigena around Sarzana, and visited some amazing places including Sarzana with its very beautiful historic centre.  I also learned to cook a carbonara and,  after all these years, how to eat spaghetti!!!
There is definitely an advantage to learning a language in different situations and it was a week that well exceeded my expectations.
Lindsay W. – New Zealand – (April 2024)

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