My Homestay experience with Sira was amazing and more than lived up to my expectations.

Sira provided a high quality experience that was tailored completely to my language needs.  An excellent and very experienced teacher, Sira understands and can explain the learning process for adults and why it can feel so difficult at times!   She was able to identify particular themes in my use of Italian to focus on which was, and will continue to be, really valuable. Not only would each lesson and our general conversations be loosely framed around those themes, but also she was able to personalize the exercises to relate to something I might have talked about the previous day, such as my interests/hobbies.  Meeting with Sira’s daughter and her friends was also helpful and they, like Sira, were incredibly patient with my clumsy attempts to interact!   Sira is also an excellent ‘tour guide’ and is very knowledgeable about the area.  Again our visits were tailored to my interests and I was able to explore some incredible, magical places in Liguria.  I would highly recommend this immersive experience in Italian language and culture with Sira, it was stimulating, interesting, of course challenging at times, hugely rewarding, and overall great fun.
Angie R. – UK – (April 2024)