Everything written in Sira’s lovely collection of “student reviews” is just as it is, and it all makes for an amazing, enriching, and unforgettable experience.

Added bonuses for me were Sarzana, beautifully decorated for Christmas, sunshine every day, and other tourists very hard to spot, which made learning by doing lessons, on the historic treasures and stunning scenery, a real pleasure.
I arrived having been trying to learn Italian on my phone, for a couple of years, but conversational ability and experience was completely lacking. Sira’s lessons, from the start, were directed to my specific linguistic needs and weaknesses. Whilst I found this challenging at times, it was always fun, and I feel I have now progressed in my Italian language learning journey because of her excellent teaching and suggestions.
Two memories from my stay. First a great day in Lerici – Tellaro, Sira with red lesson folder still to hand! Secondly a busy “day off” in Genoa with my chauffeur and excellent tour guide for the day, Sira’s friend Adriano. Not only did he manage not to lose me, but we saw so much and conversed entirely in Italian.
Thank you Sira and team.
Viki P. – U.K. – (December 2023)